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Rayobase is a new kind of preparation with vital basic minerals as a supplement for your daily diet.

The pH-value of Rayobase is higher than that of conventional base preparations, which leads to a distinct polar activity.

When developing Rayobase,we could lean on the experiences of biological resonance according to Paul Schmidt and on the polar oscillation and preparation concept of S. Natterer, in order to achieve the desired energetic properties. The specific tuning in on the energetic aspect is the decisive characteristic of Rayobase.

The Acid-Base Balance of the Body

We want our metabolism to function in the best possible way. This can only be achieved by a certain relationship between the acids and bases in our body, the basic components being predominant. Enzymatic and hormonal factors also demand certain conditions.  Liver, gall bladder, colon and small intestines in particular depend upon a basic milieu for an optimal performance.  Our body constantly produces acids as metabolites, but when producing bases, acids are also created simultaneously. Therefore, an external base supply is called for.

Now we know, that an optimal supply of basic minerals is essential for our health. Because without this sufficient supply, disorders of the acid-base-balance, with long-term problems, can hardly be avoided.

Mineral Supply Deficiency

The supply of minerals and trace elements is seldom sufficient in the industrialised countries.

This is due to our denaturised food, but also to the general mineral impoverishment of our soils. The American scientist W. Price found evidence, that the nutrition of natural tribes contains four times the amount of minerals found in the diet of industrialised countries. Therefore, our supply of these essential substances is rapidly decreasing, even if we eat mainly organic products.

All these facts suggest, that the development of the so-called disorders caused by civilisation might be closely related to an insufficient mineral supply.

The Significance of the Varying Minerals for our Body


Important for the bio-synthesis of proteins, for heart, muscles and nerves, for bowel movement (constipation accompanying potassium deficiency!), for cellular functions (high potassium content of the cells!), important for athletes (sweating leads to potassium excretion).


Important for building up bones and teeth and for the functioning of heart, muscles and nerves; has an influence on hair and nail growth.


Necessary for the build-up of many enzymes, for the protein metabolism, lowers the lipid and cholesterol level. Extremely important for heart, liver and gall bladder, pancreas, kidney, thyroid and parathyroid gland. Enhances nerve stability and increases productivity.


Component of many enzymes, important for pancreas, liver, digestion, eyes, skin, kidneys, immune system, connective tissue and lymphatic system, hair growth and healing ability of wounds.

Stress increases the need for calcium, magnesium and zinc, because the excretion of these substances is enforced in stressful situations. Every person subject to constant stress should make sure of a sufficient supply of these elements.

How to take Rayobase:

Take ½ - 1 tea spoon of Rayobase,mixed in a glass of water (200 - 250 ml approx.), 1 ? 2 times daily, at least 20 minutes before a meal. Children need about half of this amount.

Rayobasetastes differently to every person, due to the varying metabolisms of every individual, therefore we advise you to start with a smaller amount of Rayobase or to dilute with more water.

Rayobase doesnt have to be completely dissolved in the water. Rayobase should be stirred every now and then, to ensure an equal distribution of the minerals in the gel.

Daily dose:

Minerals in 100 g mg/day(1-2 tsp) % of the daily requirement
Potassium 3810 mg 315 - 630 mg 15 - 30 %
Calcium 2800 mg 215 - 430 mg 19.5 - 39 %
Magnesium 1500 mg 115 - 230 mg 32 - 64 %
Zinc 28.5 mg 2.2 - 4.4 mg 32 - 64 %


Allergy information:

Free of protein, gluten and lactose.


Water, acid regulators: sodium hydrogen carbonate, potassium carbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide carbonate,

zinc chloride, acid regulator: potassium hydroxide.

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Rayonex GmbH                                                                        Health Leads UK Ltd.         

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