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One resonance spot found frequently in patients suffering from physical and mental/emotional problems lies on the interference 12.5. Inside, the Mini-Rayonex is equipped with a dipole antenna, tuned to the interference 12.5, with a universal positive resonance.

This device, tested and approved thousands of times worldwide, is light-weight and portable due to its small dimensions, and can be carried in a pocket (school bag, jacket, etc.). Used as a stationary appliance, a Mini-Rayonex, positioned beneath the bed, reduces the negative effects of geo-biological disturbance zones.

Another useful application is to place the Mini-Rayonex in a car door pocket to support the body against the harmful energies generated in modern vehicles.

With the Mini-Rayonex, you have a small, portable and very handy device at your disposal. It is intended for reducing geopathic strain in the vicinity of about 2m. For this reason, you normally carry it near your body, in a pocket of your clothing. When you do so, take care to wear the inscription of the Mini-Rayonex away from your body.
However, if you want to use the Mini-Rayonex in a hotel, for example, in order to reduce the geopathic situation, the inscription points upward. West and east are indicated on the device. When applied stationary, the instrument has a somewhat larger sphere of activity, approximately 3m, if it is adjusted correctly in the west-east direction.




Mini Rayonex

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