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Health Leads UK Ltd. is based in Wales and is a leading supplier of vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements. We take pride in the quality of our products and the fact they are produced without harmful additives.

Health Leads was formed by John and Christine Doyle as a result of their interest in health, nutrition and education. During their research they were surprised to discover that many companies manufacture supplements with additives, not to provide nutritional value, but merely to increase productivity. Most of these additives are unnecessary and on occasion linked to possible harmful effects. This provided the impetus to manufacture additive-free supplements as insisted upon by many leading therapists and doctors such as Dr. Hulda Clark.

A Brief History

Health Leads began in 1996 and our first base was at Bancyfelin near Carmarthen in South West Wales. We moved to St. Clears in the latter half of 2001. In January 2011 we relocated to a spacious premises near the town of Llandysul, a few miles north of Carmarthen.

In 2000 we started our retail website and began contract manufacturing for other retailers at home and abroad. By the end of 2001 we converted nearly all of our encapsulated products from gelatin to plant source capsule shells, making our products suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Also in 2001 we steered away from the tablet format and this had the added benefit of negating the need to use fillers in all but 22 of our encapsulated products (in these we only use organic rice flour). At the same time we moved to organic or wild crafted sources for herbs and oils. By 2004 we were shipping to 50 countries worldwide and now we have customers in over 70 lands.

Health Leads continue to gain recognition for quality and service. Our entire production process, from unpacking raw materials to manufacturing and bottling supplements is all carried out in our purpose built class 7 clean room to the ISO 9001 quality management standard.

Pure, Additive-Free Supplements - Why?

Health Leads is dedicated to sourcing the best available ingredients so that you can benefit from our high quality supplements that provide optimal absorption and bio-availability. Nutritional supplements are used to enhance the diet, restoring or supplementing nutrients; the key focus being nutritional value. One widely used supplement additive is magnesium stearate, also known as stearic acid. Research shows magnesium stearate may suppress the body's natural killer cells. It produces a reaction in the gut to form a film or lining that works as a barrier to stop or limit absorption of nutrients.

additive free supplements

So, why do supplement companies use such additives? This is a good question. Dr Mercola of the Natural Health Center and many other physicians also believe that magnesium stearate is hazardous to health. It is a lubricant, its sole function is to aid the flow and mix of the formula so that the ingredients do not stick to machinery parts, increasing flow whilst also making the machines easier to clean.

Many companies continue to use additives and to be fair we believe we should present the other opinion here. Please see the article by Michael Ash BSc DO ND Dip ION mIOD

Nevertherless, we still believe it is best to avoid additives that serve no nutritional function and that raise controversial questions of safety. Therefore, all of our encapsulated herbal supplements are 100% additive free. We strive to pack each capsule with pure nutritional supplement, so there is no need of fillers or bulking agents. Of course, this is not always possible, especially with microgramme products, so in these cases we use organic rice flour.

High Quality You Can Trust!

A great number of the supplements we manufacture were recommended by the late Dr. Hulda Clark, who spent many years as a research scientist and moved into private practice employing a number of protocols. Dr. Clark focused on the idea of using uncontaminated high quality and high potency natural herbs, vitamins and minerals - with no compromises - high potency being of great importance. Of course, 100% purity is not possible, as an assay test of any product can confirm, but why deliberately add chemicals that may be harmful, when unecessary? We strictly avoid solvents in the cleaning of our machines, only using our own organic Clean & Safe soap hence avoiding benzene and isopropyl alcohol contamination in the first batch following the clean. In fact, our quality standards are high enough to merit recommendation on the Dr. Clark Research Association website.

No Tablets, Only Capsules

We do not manufacture supplements in tablet form for the same reason we make additive-free capsules: avoidance of uneccessary contamination. Tablets are the cheapest way to make supplements but necessarily contain an amount of inactive additives called excipients. Here are a few types: 

  • Fillers: are used to bulk out the active ingredients to the required tablet or capsule size.
  • Tablet coatings often contain phthalates especially enteric coatings. Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors, altering hormones and detrimentally affecting development and reproduction.
  • Binders: do a similar job to glue, the binder holds the tablet together.
  • Disintegrants: help the product break up in the digestive tract after being consumed.
  • Lubricants: help powders flow, stop them sticking to machine parts and aid in allowing tablets to be ejected from the moulds.

supplements made in the UKCheap tablet supplements can contain up to 50% excipients, even high quality tablets may contain up to 25%. Many excipients are sourced from petrochemicals.

For these important reasons, we encapsulate our own products containing high quality ingredients in a vegetarian capsule shell*.

Potent & Fresh Ingredients

Many supplement manufacturers purchase raw materials in large quantities and manufacture every other year. We only manufacture in our custom built clean room in small batches every 6 to 12 months, producing fresh and potent supplements.



*With a handful of our products we are forced to use gelatin capsules. This is only done if the product itself makes it absolutely necessary to do so. In these cases, the nature of the capsule is clearly shown on the label.