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Bio Resonance & E-Smog

Health Leads is proud to have been the sole UK distributor of the Rayonex range of products for 12 years. Rayonex Schwingungstechnik GmbH is a long established and reputable German company well known in the field.

The fundamental research work on which the Rayonex products are based was conducted by the German engineer Paul Schmidt who developed devices using harmonic frequencies which have a positive influence on human regulatory mechanism. Rayonex uses the most up to date production technology, and has achieved the DIN EN 9001 quality assurance award and the DIN EN 46001 product quality standard. Rayonex is constantly refining and extending the application of its products and is the leading bioresonance company in Germany.

Rayonex have build thier own group of three Pyramids, of course the originals were a renowned feat of mathematics and construction. This has proven to be an inspired move and now accompanied by the four Pyramids of the Galileo Science Park they have gained much admiration and attract a multitude of visitors from all over the world. Click on the link below to see them for yourself.

Visit the Rayonex websiteFor further information on Rayonex products and detailed listings of test ampoules visit the Rayonex website.

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The Rayonex Video outlining the history of Rayonex and Bio-resonance

Watch a short video about Bio Resonance here

Bioresonance Testing & Harmonising Devices

Rayonex devices are used with patients daily around the world.

Fabric detectors for Rayocomp devices

The new fabric detectors offer many more treatment possibilites over the older leather style detectors. They are hand washable and are made from comfortable organic cotton.

Electrosmog & Geopathy

Can E-Smog cause serious health problems? Some scientists believe that if a person's naturally occurring electric and magnetic fields are disturbed, serious health problems and disease can develop.

pH Balance

An imbalance of acidity/alkalinity creates a favourable condition for bacteria growth, yeast and other harmful organisms.