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Health Leads Capsules

Plant source vegetarian capsules

Most of our supplements are encapsulated in a plant source capsule shell.

These accepted standard capsules are made from Hypromellose (HPMC). HPMC is sourced from natural pine wood fibres. Also incorporated is a gelling agent (gellan gum) and jellification enhancer (KCl) to achieve their enteric properties and they contain 14-15% purified water.

Health Leads capsules are first-generation, meeting the needs of a wide variety of health-conscious consumers. With both KO and OU Kosher and Halal certification, and certified by the Vegetarian and Vegan Action Society, they are an appealing way to address the preferences of an important growing group of supplement users who indicate that vegetarian source is important in their decision-making. The capsules are non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free and preservative-free.

Our capsules are not ‘gastro-resistant’ – some tablets have a coating that does not dissolve in stomach acid. Similarly, they are not ‘slow release’ due to concerns about the detrimental effects of such coatings releasing phthalates.

What about whole herbs?

For those who prefer to encapsulate their own products for potency, we stock many of our encaspulated products in raw powder, loose tea and cut herb forms along with empty capsules for your convenience.

Health Leads prefer to use the whole herb rather than extracts unless there is a compelling case for doing so.

Herbs in their natural state with their full indigenous compounds interact and work synergistically - just as nature intended.

We strive to keep to the standard of organic or wild crafted certification wherever possible.

From Cloves to Xylitol, we have a great range of loose powdered herbs and cut herbs all carefully packaged in re-sealable stand up pouches or tamper evident containers for your convenience.

Gelatin capsules

A few of our products are encapsulated in a gelatin capsule shell – which is a mix of bovine and/or porcine gelatins, free from gluten and soy.

Though nearly all Health Leads products are in a plant source capsule, due to the potency of some herbs, some softening the vegetarian capsule occurs only after a few short weeks. So, we encapsulate these supplements in a gelatin capsule. Other supplements are in liquid form, so a soft gelatin capsule is necessary.

Here’s a list of the products we stock in gelatin capsules:


Cod Liver Oil


Diatomaceous Earth

Glucosamine & Chondroitin


Vitamin E

We only use a gelatin capsule when unavoidable and stand by our firm belief that it’s best to avoid unnecessary additives that provide no nutritional benefit and at times may even raise controversial questions as to their negative effects.

Health Leads Commitment to You

Our guarantee is to supply the highest quality supplements possible.

We carefully research each product so as to not lower our high standards.

We will never use known harmful additives, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, colourants, sweeteners, or excipients such as magnesium stearate.

The team here at Health Leads consume our own supplements and we are aware how of important contaminant-free supplements are.

Our efforts are born of our desire for good quality at the best price.

From your appreciative feedback we know that you recognize the work we are doing and feel confident in our team here at Health Leads UK.

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