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  • Beeautiful Royal Jelly!

    This has been an exciting year at health leads uk and what better way to finish off than to happily announce a brand new additive free royal jelly supplement .

    If you don’t already know, we are one of the leading additive free supplement manufactures in the UK, we specialise in making all our supplements magnesium stearate free and our aim is to make them all 100% additive free, there are some ingredients that require a few milligrams or even micrograms, so with these we use organic rice flour. Continue reading

  • Vitamin B3 and the niacin flush

    Niacin flush, what is it?

    After hearing about the “niacin flush” I wanted to find out more about it, and where better than to look online. After a short time I can across a website site by Dr Andrew Saul, in this was a fascinating article by Dr Abram Hoffer. In short, Dr Andrew Saul wrote a book about vitamin B3 called Niacin: The Real Story, co-written with Dr Abram Hoffer. The book details the early work of Dr Abram Hoffer in which he used niacin for schizophrenia patients and as an cholesterol treatment with great success, amazing indeed. Continue reading

  • Whats In Your Supplements?

    We think that all supplements should be additive free, without fillers, bulking agents, flow agents & anti-frictional agents, but why?

    One widely used additive is magnesium stearate, it has many uses, it can be used as a filler, a bulking agent, a flow agent & as a anti-frictional agent. There are studies & research that show some commonly used supplement additives affect the disintegration time (1). Other research indicates that specific additives may be immunosuppressive in some people (2).

    If there is any doubt or questions on the safety of such additives we think they should not be used, thats exactly what we do, we are proud of it & we hope you are too! Continue reading

  • Additive free MultiVitamin & Multivitamin Supplements!

    Today there are many all-in-one multivitamin and multi mineral supplements, many of them have low ingredient amounts and all of them have additives. Many more people are searching for additive free multivitamin and additive free multi mineral and it is something we have wanted to do for some time. Manufacturing combination supplements without additives is not an easy process, and takes far more time but we know it’s a vitally important, so you get pure additive free supplements. We have adopted Dr Clarks concept of Self Health and this drives us to provide high quality additive free supplements at affordable prices.

  • Supplements for Joint Health

    For joint health & care, whether you are keen runner, gym enthusiast, or generally want to keep yourself fit and healthy, having good regular exercise and a healthy well balanced diet is most important, but even conscious eaters like runners & body builders can accidentally miss out on key nutrients. If your meal plan does not have the perfect balance, and who's does, then you have most likely considered supplementing your diet with a few capsule supplements to make sure you get everything you need. Here you can work out to see if you diet needs a boost. Continue reading

  • Why is magnesium stearate in your supplements, and is it safe?

    As I walk down the isle of my local supermarket I take a look around and people doing their weekly food shop seem far more switched on as to what additives are best avoided and savvy shoppers (like my wife) take great delight reading food labels to make sure there are no added nastiness.

    But what about supplements? We are good at checking food labels but do you check your supplement labels and do you know what to look out for or what to avoid? Continue reading

  • New - Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Washer

    We all try our best to have a balanced diet but there are always things that make this difficult, maybe your working late, travelling or generally busy or its just not  possible to have your 5 a day. Even if you can have a daily diet that includes a good amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, are they organic, free from pesticide residues and bacteria, something that is often over looked! Continue reading

  • You never hear of Eskimos with joint problems or arthritis

    Some time ago a good friend of mine said “you never hear of Eskimos with joint problems or arthritis, it’s down to the healthy fish oils high in omega 3 they eat, that’s why I take cod liver oil capsules every day”. I didn’t really think about what he said in any great depth, it was just one of those sentences where you just smile back a nod your head in agreement without really thinking it through, I then mentioned that Inuit’s have many, possibly over a hundred words for snow, but I later found out this is a common misconception, it’s the Sami an indigenous people in Sweden that have 300 words for snow. Continue reading

  • Empty hard capsules - All you need to know

    Many people are unsure about the size of supplement capsules. Each size has a designated number, but which one is the smallest and which one is the largest? Why do people want to purchase empty capsules? What do they use them for? We have the answers to these questions and more. Continue reading

  • What is L-Ornithine

    L-ornithine is 1 of 20 non essential amino acids. Non essential because  it is produced by the body from L-arginine, both amino acids are very similar. Amino acids as a whole are well known as the building blocks for the manufacture of proteins, which include muscle tissue. Also L-ornithine plays a vital role in the removal of toxins from the body, l-ornithne is used to make urea which removes ammonia and nitrogen.

    Continue reading

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