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  • Magnesium Oil - How to choose the best

    Since 2007 when Mark Sircus published his book "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy", Magnesium oil has been in high demand and for good reasons. In Mark Sircus book on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, he highlights that "magnesium is the single most important mineral for maintaining proper electrical balance and facilitating smooth metabolism in the cells". Magnesium deficiency is wide spread and in this book Mark Sircus explains that the majority of the population are magnesium deficient. And its highly likely that you know someone suffering from a related disease or illness. On page 36 he explains: "transdermal magnesium, which involves absorbsion directly through the skin, is inexpensive, safe, a do it yourself at home technique". Also "By using what is called Magnesium oil, either topically or in a soak, massive amounts of magnesium can be absorbed naturally, by our bodies". He also adds, "Transdermal application of magnesium (oil) is actually superior to oral supplements in many ways".

    Without doubt, supplementation of magnesium oil applied topically whether directly to the skin or in a bath soak, is the best way to absorb magnesium, but what is the best best form or type of magnesium oil.

    First of all, magnesium oil is not an oil, its a highly saturated solution magnesium chloride in water. It is called magnesium oil due to its slippery feel on the skin and unlike oils it is fully absorbed  and does not leave any residue on the skin.

    There are two types of magnesium oil that can be purchased, ocean sourced magnesium chloride and ancient mineral magnesium chloride deposits. There are many concerns over the ocean sourced magnesium oils, mainly due the array of pollutants that are found in today's oceans. The best type of magnesium oil that can be purchased is magnesium oil from deep under ground, sourced 1500 to 2000 meters below, from the ancient Zecstein Seabed located below northern Europe. Naturally protected from modern chemicals/pollutants the zechstein magnesium oil is ultra pure and does not need high refining methods commonly used with ocean sourced magnesium oils. Purity is key.

    So, when you buy your magnesium oil, always look for the Zechstein Logo.

  • Apricot Kernels - Tasty and Nutritious

    Apricot kernels are tasty & nutritious. Apricot kernels are inside apricot stones, which we often just throw away. Why eat bitter apricot kernels? because they have a great bitter taste! similar to almonds and this bitter taste is due to the presents of B17, also called  amygdalin.

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  • Two great supplements, now even better

    We always love it when we can introduce new products and if we cant do that then we look to see if we can improve any supplements and here are two new great improvements..... Continue reading

  • Klamath Blue Green Algae – A truly amazing Superfood?

    “SUPERFOOD”, I hear you say! Yes it is true, “superfood” is a buzz word that has been used to the extreme, unfortunately misused, overused and abused. So lets look a little bit closer, where did this term originate?

    According to Wikipedia the term superfood was first used in 1998 by Aaron Moss in the journal Nature Nutrition which stated "Humans have many options when it comes to fuelling their bodies, but the benefits of some options are so nutritious that they might be labelled as superfoods."

    Considering the above, can Klamath blue green algae be classed as a superfood? Firstly lets discus what blue green algae is.

    There are eleven groups of algae, these microscopic plants grow in blooms when the conditions are just right in lakes and ponds throughout the world. One of the best known and highest quality blue green algae crops are from Upper Klamath Falls in Oregon USA.  To date there are 1500 known species and some are used as foods where others are known to cause serious conditions if consumed. Blue green algae is a is a freshwater species of cyanobacteria, one of the most simple members of the plant kingdom, but are more closely linked to bacteria than plant. It is widely considered that algae is one of the first organisms on earth to photosynthesise (use ofenergy from the sun to make food for itself, the process of photosynthesis).

    Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) Blue-green algae is considered the most ancient food on earth, high in protein, up to 70% compare that to chicken or beef at 22%. Even though its at the bottom of the food chain, pound for pound it is the most nutrient rich food, it has impressive levels of vitamin B12, beta carotene, chlorophyll, protein, amino acids (AFA’s amino acid profile is equivalent to the requirements needed by the human body), enzymes, and many more that are completely assimilated by our body. It’s been reported that it can help mental & physical health, increase energy, oxygenate cells and much more. AFA is a superb food cram packed full of nutrients and has been hailed the "building blocks of health".

    A truly amazing Superfood?, I will leave it up to you to decide.


  • New Product - Citricidal (Grapefruit Seed Extract)

    Its not every day that we get to launch a brand new product, so with a loud voice we are happy to announce our brand new product: Citricidal-Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid concentrate. Our Citricidal is made from organically grown grapefruits and is a special unfiltered formula. Available in 30ml & 100ml bottles and as with our complete range of own brand products, for every 5 we will send 1 extra free or if you buy 10 we will send 3 extra free. (phone orders only)

    Grapefruit seed extract is well documented to be effective as standard antibiotics and fungicides. Researchers discovered that Citricidal is effective against many bacterial, fungal, viral strains and single and multicelled parasites. Their is at least one study to support the use of grapefruit seeds as a antibiotic, April 2005 issue of the JACM.

    Many people use Citricidal orally and externally. An even more common use for Citricidal is a general house hold sanitiser, it can be used to wash fresh fruit and vegetables & sanitise chopping boards. I have even heard of people using it to clean cutlery by adding a few drops to washing up water & also using it to clean toothbrushes by soaking in citricidal. Additionally, it can be used as a cleaner for every surface in the house.

    One point must be made clear, Citricidal should never be used at full strength, it must be diluted. For more information please visit our Citricidal Grapefruit extract seed page on the Health Leads website.


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