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  • Vitamin D

    It is encouraging to hear that sometimes good advice is given from government agencies.

    Today we read that "everyone should take Vitamin D supplements in the autumn and winter" and some may need to take advantage of a supplement all the year round.

    But what supplement will you go for?
    Surely the simple answer is - one that will work.
    Therefore, it is always good to look for supplements that have no fillers, bulking agents, magnesium stearate or harmful additives.

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  • Vitamin D and Asthma

    According to BBC News today, taking Vitamin D supplements in addition to asthma medication appears to cut the risk of severe asthma attacks.An independent review by the Cochrane research body of nine clinical trials found it also cut the rate of asthma attacks needing steroid treatment. Continue reading

  • Additive free MultiVitamin & Multivitamin Supplements!

    Today there are many all-in-one multivitamin and multi mineral supplements, many of them have low ingredient amounts and all of them have additives. Many more people are searching for additive free multivitamin and additive free multi mineral and it is something we have wanted to do for some time. Manufacturing combination supplements without additives is not an easy process, and takes far more time but we know it’s a vitally important, so you get pure additive free supplements. We have adopted Dr Clarks concept of Self Health and this drives us to provide high quality additive free supplements at affordable prices.

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