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Are you ready for winter?

As cold season encompasses Autumn, Winter and Spring we believe this blend of herbs could be beneficial to use for much of the year. Many herbs and natural compounds are traditionally associated with support during the Winter months. Lemon is a favourite, a staple that is highly recommended, but is probably taken once a cold has ‘taken hold’ as is the case with many products. So we researched to ascertain the best possible combination to strengthen the body’s defences and offer additional support before Winter infections burden us.

We have produced winter Warmer in capsule form, very nice at this cold and damp time of year.

After research we settled on a blend of Fenugreek seed, Echinacea, Cinnamon, Thyme, Sage, Cayenne and Black Cumin seed. Some of us at Health leads have been taking 2 capsules per day for several weeks now and have been pleased and surprised with the results. Three people although experiencing the very first symptoms of a cold found that the symptoms did not progress further but completely went away.  We cannot of course be dogmatic but we are now convinced that this variation on traditional herbs has great value.

The capsule version is 90 vegi-caps containing 475mg as below

  • 100mg fenugreek
  • 100mg Echinacea
  • 75mg cinnamon
  • 50mg Thyme
  • 50mg Sage
  • 50mg Cayenne
  • 50mg Black Cumin

To enable you to try out Winter Warmer for yourself we are happy to offer a 10% discount for December.

2 thoughts on “Are you ready for winter?”

  • Assibi Konlaan

    Dear sir,
    Thanks for your email and the information on the windter warmer. Am a person who believes in natural therapy and herbs in life, so am thrilled by this!! Are you able to send me samples to test this capsules. Hope to hear from you soon.

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