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Electricity pylons carrying very high voltage power lines 

Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR)

From Electrical And Telecommunication Devices, Creating Electro-Hypersensitivity—Or Killing You Slowly?

Did you know that:

  • Your mobile phone—if used a lot—could be exposing you to serious harm?
  • A cordless telephone base station may expose you to the same risk as a cellphone mast in your backyard.
  • Power lines—especially if you live or work close to them—could increase your risk of cancer?
  • Scientists have no real idea just how great the risk of cumulative and multiple exposures to all sources of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) are, such as from cellphones, cordless base stations, power lines, wireless computers?
  • Children are especially at risk from EMR.

Are you suffering from electro-hypersensitivity—now recognised as a functional disorder and not as a disease—caused by excessive exposure to electro-magnetic field (EMF) sources? Listen to a radio broadcast by EMR expert Roger Coghill from the Medcross Group on The Janey Lee Grace Show entitled: Are EMF’s Keeping Us Awake at Night?

On 18th September 2008, Dr Rob Verkerk, ANH Executive Director, wrote an open letter to all members of the European Parliament’s Committee for the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) concerning the misappropriation of risk from cell phones and other sources of EMR. This letter accompanied a petition to the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee.
See the ANH Campaign by clicking here.

The Bioinitiative Report

On 31 August 2007, a group of top scientists, all of whom are experts in the field of EMR, published a report, known as the Bioinitiative Report which, in its 610 pages, gave us the low-down on the risks that we are exposed to in our electronic age.

Most children in the western world now have access to cordless phones or mobile phones. Many are exposed to the radiation output of these devices while they sleep, yet they—and even their parents—know little or nothing about the risk to which they are exposed.

The bottom line is that we are all exposed to increasing numbers of radiation sources and more and more science is showing us that there are some very real risks associated with these modern technologies. The telecommunications companies that make the technology, like the tobacco industry before them, seem hell-bent on covering up the science that exposes the risks, and go out of their way to avoid funding scientific research in this area.

What is electro-hypersensitivity?

Do you feel exhausted with no seemingly adequate explanation? Are you suffering from skin rashes? Have you got an organ disorder that medical diagnoses have so far been unable to explain?

You could be suffering from electro-hypersensitivity. Professor Olle Johansson, while working with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, found that there are around a quarter of a million Swedes suffering from a range of symptoms following exposure to sources of EMF. These people are electro-hypersensitive. The more our telecommunications systems develop—the more we rely on wireless systems of communication—the more cases we will see.
Are you prepared to allow your children to be exposed?
Could you become more productive by reducing your exposure?
Could you reduce your 1 in 2 or 3 chance of getting cancer, if you also look to reduce your daily exposure to EMF sources?
You may need or want to reduce your exposure to sources of EMF. If you think you might be electro-hypersensitive and you feel better after reducing your exposure to sources of EMF, the chances are that EMF was the culprit and that you will significantly reduce your long-term risk of serious disease, including cancer.

Click here to read the World Health Organization conference proceedings (2006) on electro-hypersensitivity.

ANH Tips To Reduce Your Exposure To EMR

  1. Use corded telephones whenever possible instead of a cordless DECT phone (a DECT phone emits radiation equivalent to living within 250 metres of a cell phone mast!).
  2. Ensure you have at least one corded telephone in your house and workplace so that this can become your most often used telephone.
  3. Do not use any cordless or mobile telephone for extended periods, i.e., more than 10 mins per use.
  4. Try to avoid placing mobile phones directly against the ear or head. If you need to do this, alternate the phone between each ear every minute or so.
  5. Use speakerphone or an air tube device if possible to avoid placing the mobile phone against the head (close to the brain).
  6. Do not carry mobile telephones in pockets, belt holsters or bags close to the body. (Even keeping a mobile phone 10cm away from the body will substantially reduce radiation risks compared with carrying it on the body).
  7. Do not place any wireless router or cordless telephone base station (DECT phone) in bedrooms or rooms occupied regularly.
  8. If a cordless handset is required, use one which does not emit EMR when not in use, e.g., Orchid Low Radiation phones
  9. Turn off any wireless routers or cordless DECT base stations at night.
  10. Avoid using wireless baby monitors (use hardwired systems instead).
  11. Do not let children use wireless DECT handsets or mobile phones if possible. Otherwise limit usage as far as possible.
  12. Avoid using microwave ovens (potentially harmful radiation can be measured at distances of over 10m when in use).
  13. When using a mobile phone, use a radiation control device proven scientifically to reduce radiation risks.
  14. Avoid using wireless computers on your lap.
  15. Where possible turn off the wireless setting on laptops and access the internet via an Ethernet cable.


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