Are You Sleeping In A Healthy Place?

The book Bio-Resonance According to Paul Schmidt makes the claim that 80% of illness is caused by three factors; The body’s pH balance, Geopathic Stress and Electro-Smog or Electromagnetic radiation.

If there is one health check that is more important than all others it must surely be to check the bedroom for the presence of Geopathic Stress or EMFs. As Professor Dietmar Heimes stated, “Whilst asleep the body is more easily burdened by electromagnetic radiation or geological disturbance zones. One reason for this is the fact that we occupy a certain place for about 8 hours a day when we sleep. If the bedroom is a zone of disturbance, this can adversely affect our organism for a long time every day and may result in permanent blockages in our regulatory mechanisms. To compound this we also have a decreased power of defence when we sleep.”

A typical modern bedroom has multiple power sockets behind the bed with cables in the wall as close as 30 cm from the head. DECT phones and mobile phone chargers and now WiFi are other common features in many homes giving an additional assault on the body from pulsed microwave radiation. It is often the case that an electric field of 100 volts per metre or even higher can be measured on the pillow in many bedrooms from just the normal household 240 volt supply.

There are however options without withdrawing from the modern world. It may be possible to move the bed, install a blocking or balancing device such as an ELO-Rayex or E-Smog Rayonator. Although the whole issue of EMR has been slow to reach public consciousness and raise awareness, Germany and Sweden are now wide awake to the dangers and blocking devices have been in use in Germany for the last 25 years.

EMR is possibly the biggest unrecognised danger in the modern world and is surely one health issue that won’t go away!

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