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Rayobase is a new kind of preparation with vital basic minerals as a supplement for your daily diet.

The pH-value of Rayobase is higher than that of conventional base preparations, which leads to a distinct polar activity.

When developing Rayobase we could lean on the experiences of biological resonance according to Paul Schmidt and on the polar oscillation and preparation concept of S. Natterer, in order to achieve the desired energetic properties. The specific tuning to the energetic aspect of the body is the decisive characteristic of Rayobase.

The Acid-Base Balance of the Body

We want our metabolism to function in the best possible way. This can only be achieved by a balanced relationship between the acids and bases (alkalinity) in our body; the basic components being predominant. Enzymatic and hormonal factors also demand certain conditions. Liver, gall bladder, colon and small intestines in particular depend upon a basic milieu for optimal performance. Our body constantly produces acids as metabolites, but when producing bases, acids are also created simultaneously. Therefore, an external base supply is called for.

Now we know that an optimal supply of basic minerals is essential for our health. Without this sufficient supply disorders of the acid-base-balance, with long-term problems, can hardly be avoided.

Mineral Supply Deficiency

The supply of minerals and trace elements is seldom sufficient in industrialised countries. This is due to our denatured food, but also to the general mineral impoverishment of our soils. The American scientist W. Price found evidence that the nutrition of natural tribes contains four times the amount of minerals found in the diet of industrialised countries. Therefore, our supply of these essential substances is rapidly decreasing, even if we eat mainly organic products. All these facts suggest, that the development of the so-called disorders caused by civilisation might be closely related to an insufficient mineral supply.

The Significance of the Varying Minerals for our Body

Important for the bio-synthesis of proteins, for heart, muscles and nerves, for bowel movement (constipation accompanying potassium deficiency!), for cellular functions (high potassium content of the cells!), important for athletes (sweating leads to potassium excretion).

Important for building up bones and teeth and for the functioning of heart, muscles and nerves; has an influence on hair and nail growth.

Necessary for the build-up of many enzymes, for the protein metabolism, lowers the lipid and cholesterol level. Extremely important for heart, liver and gall bladder, pancreas, kidney, thyroid and parathyroid gland. Enhances nerve stability and increases productivity.

Component of many enzymes, important for pancreas, liver, digestion, eyes, skin, kidneys, immune system, connective tissue and lymphatic system, hair growth and healing ability of wounds.

Stress increases the need for calcium, magnesium and zinc, because the excretion of these substances is enforced in stressful situations. Every person subject to constant stress should make sure of a sufficient supply of these elements.

How to take Rayobase

Take ½ - 1 tea spoon of Rayobase, mixed in a glass of water (200 - 250 ml approx.), 1 - 2 times daily, at least 20 minutes before a meal. Children need about half of this amount.
Rayobase tastes differently to every person, due to the varying metabolisms of each individual, therefore we advise you to start with a smaller amount of Rayobase or to dilute with more water.
Rayobase doesn’t have to be completely dissolved in the water. Rayobase should be stirred every now and then, to ensure an equal distribution of the minerals in the gel.

Daily dose:

Minerals in 100 g mg/day(1-2 tsp) % of the daily requirement
Potassium 3810 mg 315 - 630 mg 15 - 30 %
Calcium 2800 mg 215 - 430 mg 19.5 - 39 %
Magnesium 1500 mg 115 - 230 mg 32 - 64 %
Zinc 28.5 mg 2.2 - 4.4 mg 32 - 64 %

Allergy information:
Free of protein, gluten and lactose.

Water, acid regulators: sodium hydrogen carbonate, potassium carbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide carbonate, zinc chloride, alkaline regulator: potassium hydroxide.



Kerry’s Darragh O’ Se Talks about RAYOBASE With Michael Donnellan

Q. You have played more championship games than anyone else in the long history of the GAA and you are also the oldest member of the current Kerry team. At the beginning of the season, there was a lot of speculation about your imminent retirement, how did you feel yourself?
Well I considered it to be honest, I was finding training and matches more difficult than in the past and I wasn’t sure if I had the legs for another season at inter-county level.

Q. What kind of difficulties were you experiencing?
As I mentioned I found training more difficult. I found that I was stiff and sore for 4 or 5 days after training. My recovery times were very slow. As we were training 2 to 3 times a week I found I was going into training still sore from the previous session. As a result I was unable to train properly, my hamstrings, groin and quad areas were particularly tight, so I was struggling to achieve the level of fitness required.

Q. You didn’t start the first championship game against Cork and in the replay you looked to be struggling for fitness, most commentators felt, maybe like the Kerry team itself; you looked tired and burnt out, yet you’ve turned the season around spectacularly, what was the turning point for yourself?
Well on a personal level, around the time of the Cork match, I was still struggling to recover from training—I had injury problems also. My main issue was lactic acid build up after training and matches leading to stiffness particularly in the hamstring and groin areas. I went to see a natural therapist, she put me on a food supplement called Rayobase and things began to improve after that.

Q. In what way?
Well the Rayobase helped to reduce the lactic acid build up that I was experiencing, so I was able to recover much quicker after training. As a result of this I was able to put much more into training sessions, which led to an overall improvement in my fitness levels. Also, my hamstring and groin stiffness cleared up, which meant I felt looser when jumping, kicking and running.

Q. Many people have commented that they’ve never seen you looking as fit, what would you put that down to?
Over the last number of seasons my training was restricted. I had to pick and choose which sessions I could afford to miss. I accepted this as part of my age and I suppose miles on the clock. This season however, I feel fitter than I have in a long time, as a result of being able to train harder, longer and more often, without the same after effects that I had in the past. I found that taking the Rayobase combined with a regime of stretching all but eliminated those problems.

Q. How does Rayobase reduce lactic acid build up and what other benefits does it offer?
Well it’s a food supplement which reduces lactic acid build up by alkalising the body; it speeds up recovery after exercise. It also reduces muscle fatigue. It helps to increase energy and improves overall health.

September 2009


woman in harmony

1.   What is the significance of the acid-base balance for our health?

  • We look upon over-acidity as being one of the main reasons for disorders commonly known as diseases of civilisation.

2.   What are typical disorders resulting from over-acidity?

  • Typical diseases are gout, rheumatism, general disorders of the connective tissue, pain conditions and inflammatory and degenerative changes of the spine and the complete locomotive apparatus.
  • Diabetes, heart and circulation disorders, impairment of the blood supply, indigestion, imbalance in the intestines (intestinal fungus), halitosis, chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases, allergies (i.e. against food or pollen), intestinal irritation. 
  • Red patchy and itching skin, neurodermitis, psoriasis and more.

3.   How can you detect over-acidity?

  • Often, these illnesses are accompanied by unspecific symptoms, like constant fatigue and exhaustion, nervousness and insomnia, lack of concentration, instability, lacking in drive, depression, cellulites, loss of hair (if not due to hormones).
  • Dermographism test.

4.   What are the reasons for over-acidity?

  • Besides stress together with the pace of modern life and the influence of environmental pollutants, eating sour or acid-forming foods and luxury foods is the main reason for an over-acidic organism.

5.   Is it possible to balance the surplus of acids by eating a basic diet?

  • For most of us, maintaining a diet with a sufficient base excess is almost impossible.
  • This is due to intensive agriculture exhausting the fields (leaving only about a quarter of their original contents in the soil) and leading to extensive mineral loss. Now most of us are not supplied with sufficient amounts of minerals.
  • For this reason, in many cases the support of a suitable preparation like RAYOBASE will be necessary, especially for ill persons, because enormous deposits of acids need to be broken down.

6.   What is the difference between RAYOBASE and common base preparations?

  • Tests as well as experience have proven that the composition of common base preparations is not optimal from an energetic point of view. For this reason side-effects are frequently experienced.
  • The polarity of RAYOBASE is stronger, due to its higher pH-value, in comparison to common base preparations, in other words, it is more basic (alkaline).
  • This makes RAYOBASE more effective than common base preparations. Tests including electric acupuncture have led to this conclusion.
  • With an exactly balanced amount of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide, the energetic properties of a base preparation can be improved decisively.

7.   Why shouldn’t RAYOBASE be taken with mineral water containing carbonic acids, fruit juice or other drinks?

  • RAYOBASE is in an optimal energetic balance and would suffer a negative influence from the fluids mentioned above, due to their effect on the energetic polarisation.
  • Additionally, the taste would be adulterated, making a diagnosis via sense of taste impossible.

8.   What evidence is given by the different taste experiences?

  • Putrid taste: Processes of decay in the body, particularly the intestines, due to decomposition of food.
  • Bitter: Malfunction of the liver and gall bladder.
  • Sulphur/hydrogen sulphide: This points to detoxication problems of the liver, due to a blocked up sulphur metabolism (many poisons are excreted by binding the sulphur, so-called sulphatising).
  • Salty: Excretion problems of the kidneys, due to a massive over-acidity.
  • Raw fish: Zinc deficiency or a blocked up zinc metabolism. Frequently found in disturbed lymphatic and defence systems, also in disturbed conditions of the intestines, lungs, spleen and pancreas.

9.   Why does RAYOBASE taste differently for every patient?

  • RAYOBASE is situated precisely at the energetic point of reflection; for this reason, the metabolism situation can easily change the sense of taste in various directions.

10.  What are the minerals in RAYOBASE?

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium (not in the form of sodium chloride, therefore unproblematic)
  • Zinc

11.  Why are there no heavy metals like iron, copper, manganese and chromium in RAYOBASE?

  • Judged from the energetic aspects and where absorption is concerned, bases and heavy metals disturb each other.

12. Can RAYOBASE help me, even if I have been taking a different base preparation for some time?

  • Yes, of course! Our examinations and tests lead to the conclusion that the base therapy has a lot more therapeutic potential to offer than conventional formulas, because they are not precisely suited to the energetic needs of an over-acidic organism.

13. Is this really valid for all preparations?

  • Yes, it is valid for all the preparations we have tested! This need not come as a surprise; so far, the energetic aspect has never played an important part in conventional base therapy.
  • Therefore, when formulating conventional base preparations or means for breaking down acids, attention is paid mainly to absorption and the acid-base balance, the buffer effect of the base being the decisive factor.

14. What are the results when RAYOBASE is tested by means of Bio-resonance?

  • With Bio-resonance, you can very often discover an instant harmonisation and activation of the disturbed frequencies. A definitely positive effect on the disturbed or blocked up frequency spectra can be achieved.

15. What is the verdict for preparations based on fruit acids?

  • Supporters of these preparations stress that aqueous solutions of fruit acids react acidically, but once in the body, their carbonic acid is exhaled so their effect on the balance is basic.
  • The disadvantage, however, is the time this takes and a certain energetic expenditure of the body required to excrete the carbonic acid.
  • That is probably the reason why this base type has proved its unsuitability in the resonance test.

16. What makes a preparation useful under the aspect of oscillation medicine?

  • According to our experience, a preparation proves its value when it is able to harmonise the disturbed oscillation fields rapidly, directly supporting the natural organ functions.

17. If I am already being treated (or treat myself) with oscillation therapy, is it really necessary to take RAYOBASE?

  • Many disorders are successfully treated by the application of oscillation therapy alone. However, it is a different thing altogether when treating acidosis, because a base supply is imperative in order to excrete the acidic end product.
  • Of course, oscillation therapy can support acidosis therapy effectively by breaking up the regulation rigidity caused by acids.

18. How effective is this new base preparation?

  • Rayobase is developed according to the principles of polar oscillation. An acknowledged method of biological resonance is the range value test. When this method is applied, the complete resonance spectrum necessary for the patient is tested and can subsequently be used for diagnosis and therapy. Often, when tested, patients suffering from the already described disorders caused by civilisation show 70 or more interferences requiring treatment. If these resonances are tested in the oscillation circle (patient, biological resonance device), together with the new base preparation, you can see that the larger part is instantly harmonised, or that harmonisation processes are being started. This means that the new base preparation is able to minimise the interference spectrum requiring therapy enormously, allowing well-aimed and intensive therapy of symptomatic frequencies.

19. Is it possible to confirm an acidosis by testing the urine?

  • The pH-value of the urine can confirm the degree of acidosis up to a certain extent. Sander, a pioneer in acid-base interaction research, published his book: Der Säure-Basen-Haushalt im menschlichen Organismus (published by Hippokrates Verlag), back in 1953.  He suggests a urine test with 5 samples, collected in separate beakers, at 7, 10, 12, 15 and 18 o’clock, always before meals. The urine samples of a healthy person have the following values:

Graph: pH value of Urine in Healthy Person

The morning urine at 7 o’clock shows a low pH-value, due to the excretion of acidic metabolic waste products collected during the night. A healthy organism shows a flooding of bases in the body to start digestion after every meal, this can already be observed at 10 o’clock. An organism, which is not over-acidic, has a rhythmic change of the pH-value in the urine during the day, ideal would be a value over pH 7.0 at least once a day.

The following illustration shows the pH-value in the urine of an over-acidic patient throughout the day:

Graph: pH value of Urine in Over-acidic Person

This can hardly be called a rhythmic alternation of the pH-value. The regulation rigidity in the organism is easily recognised, the body is totally over-acidic, trying to excrete the excess acid via urine. Such a case gives a direct indication for a therapy with bases. In our experience, the oscillation medicine can help to recognise a latent over-acidity of the organism at a much earlier stage, preventing such a distinct acidosis from happening at all.

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