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More than 25 years ago, engineer Paul Schmidt discovered that harmonic frequencies can have a positive influence on the human regulatory mechanism.

Using a frequency generator—a device which can produce electro-magnetic frequencies—he determined the resonance spectra of the human organism with the aid of various analytical techniques. This was done by examining different persons with identical illnesses. These tests showed that people with identical complaints also required the same resonance frequencies.

Now what is the meaning of resonance? Resonance always occurs when two bodies, for example two tuning forks, can swing on the same frequency. Just imagine you have set up two identical tuning forks about 10 cm apart. A tiny impulse lets the first fork swing; you can hear the sound it produces. The first swinging tuning fork is now able to stimulate the second stationary fork to also begin swinging in the same frequency. Paul Schmidt found that one can cause a regulation of the human organism by administering either an acoustic or an electro-magnetic frequency. Accordingly, every organ has its specific frequency spectra, with which it can be stimulated.

The fundamental research work was concluded by Paul Schmidt 1994. He founded Rayonex Schwingungstechnik GmbH (now Rayonex Biomedical GmbH), a company concerned with the utilisation and further development of his research since then.

Today, several thousand patients daily are being successfully treated with the devices of the Rayonex company all over the world. The most up-to-date production technologies and a quality management system according to DIN EN 9001 and DIN EN 46001 ensure the high quality standard of the entire range of products. The established resonance spectra are being refined and extended continually and now even resonance frequencies for treating horses and dogs are available. The successful treatment of horses and dogs is an important aspect to consider because it rules out the so-called placebo effect (successful treatment caused by belief in the method alone).

Causes of Health Problems

The biological resonance devices of today are not applied for therapy alone, but are used for testing as well. It is very simple to find out the central problem of any patient. The main goal in any case must be to search for the source of the problem. Causes for health complaints are widely varied. Strains brought about by our environment are often not taken seriously, although we know from experience that electric pollution as well as geopathic situations have an influence on our health.

Electric Pollution

This is the age of information, and mechanisation is moving ahead in giant steps; as a result, more and more electric pollution develops and burdens humanity, for example, by electrically or magnetically pulsed fields. The future will bring us more and more working places with computers and jobs where people will be sitting in front of monitors for perhaps 10 hours or longer, exposing themselves to these devices.

There are several analytical methods for testing the negative effects in the surroundings of a monitor, for example the VEGATEST (electric acupuncture according to Dr. Voll, EAV), Rayotest-method or a blood test by Dr. Aschoff. According to the correlation found with the help of the engineer Paul Schmidt, a monitor is a particular burden to the human organism when it has the interference 99.5 (interference = overlapping of decimal frequencies), which can burden, for example, important control function in the nucleus of the brain.

If a person is exposed to the surroundings of a monitor for a long time, the analytical methods mentioned above can detect a deficiency concerning the interference 99.5. Using biological resonance therapy, you would try to pass the interference 99.5 on to the body for long enough to restore the complete regulation. If the person returns to the monitor, you will soon discover a deficiency in the interference 99.5 again. This makes it necessary to concentrate on the causal aspect of the problem mentioned above. 

Further Interferences

In the human organism, every organ is controlled by more than one interference; analogous to this, in electric smog we also find further interferences beside the main interference 99.5. As a result to the interference analysis of an electric or a magnetic field, we find six corresponding interferences burdening the organism:
Interference 1:  22.5
Interference 2:  40.0
Interference 3:  77.5
Interference 4:  78.5
Interference 5:  89.5
Interference 6:  99.5 (main interference)

When comparing these six interferences with the regulation interferences of the human organism, we can see that the cellular system, the heart as well as basic regulations in the brain area (epiphysis, nucleus) are affected. Examination of patients frequently spending their time inside electric or magnetic fields, due to their occupation or other influences of their surroundings, often uncovers deficiencies in all six interferences.

ELO-Rayex in its case

The ELO-Rayex contains exactly those six interferences mentioned above; it works like a small therapy device, preventing persons from deficiencies of the corresponding interferences. It can be placed in front of a computer screen or television.

We recommend applying the ELO-Rayex to the so-called armour safety fuse (first fuse of the power supply entering the house), ideal with the writing pointing upward. If you are living in a rented flat, you can attach the ELO-Rayex to the sub-distributor (fuse box). With suitable analytical methods, for example the EAV (electric acupuncture according to Dr. Voll), Rayotest-method or the blood test according to Dr. Aschoff, you can prove that the ELO-Rayex reduces the strain caused by electric smog.

Maybe there are strong power consumers (electric storage stoves, flow heaters, transformers or other similar installations) in your direct neighbourhood; in this case, we also recommend the use of an ELO-Rayex. 

Reduction Of Electric And Magnetic Fields

Field meter FM6 T

The Search for the Source Comes First. A different, but much more difficult solution would be the direct reduction of the electric and magnetic fields. First of all, we have to find the source of disturbance, so we need a measuring facility. The magazine ÖKO-TEST recommends the field meter FM6 T—it supplies you with the most exact results compared with other instruments.


Field Meter FM6 T for measuring Electric and magnetic alternating fields

Text Box: Sleeping area with the typical power cable installation

Our Main Interest Lies in the Sleeping Area. The radiation in the sleeping area is of greatest importance. Very often, the cables for the power supply of the sockets and lamps are lying head-high, making a distance of only 30-40 cm between the power-bearing lines (with their fields) and the heads of the sleepers. We have learned from experience, that sleeping humans are more easily treated, but also more easily disturbed than when they are wide-awake. This is another reason for setting the biological construction limits for electric and magnetic fields at a very low level in the sleeping area.

Field extreme strong weak none
electric in V/m >50 5-50 1-5 <1
magnetic in nT >500 100-500 20-100 <20

Biological Construction Guideline Recommendation for sleeping areas

electric in V/m 5000 5000 25 10
magnetic in nT 100.000 100.000 250 200

Limits according to various standards

Explanations: DIN/VDE0848: German limits (50 Hz)
      RPA:   Limits of the International Radiation Protection Society
      MPR:  Standard for Monitoring Work Places
      TCO:   Swedish Standard for Monitoring Work Places
According to the Biological Construction Guideline Recommendation for sleeping places, an extreme anomaly of the electric field can be assumed from 50 V/m on. At the time, the valid limits are 5,000 V/m, which is one hundred times more! The Swedish Standard Regulations for Monitor Working Places (TCO) have reached a very low limit by now, but are still 10 times higher than the Biological Construction Guideline Recommendations. 

Tips for Reducing Electric and Magnetic Fields.

Reducing Electric Alternating Fields

  • Unplug extension cables, multiple sockets and electric devices, if they are not in use.
  • Install a mains clearing switch to the fuse box, which can cut off the power lines of the electric circuit of your home from the current supply automatically, as soon as the last consumer has been switched off. Continuous consumers, like the refrigerator, have to be connected to a separate line first
  • Install radio-shielded cables when building a new house or altering the old one.
  • Radio-shield the walls bearing conduits, which cause fields on an extremely large scale, by using conductive plaster or paint work. Make sure to ground the shielding material properly.
  • Ground non-grounded metallic electric facilities, like desk lamps, expertly.

Reducing Magnetic Alternating Fields

  • Unplug devices, that are not in use.
  • Keep your distance from the source of the field. Rule-of-thumb: if you double up the distance, only one quarter of the disturbance is left over.
  • Install twisted cables when building a new house or altering an old one.
  • Replace electric with mechanical devices, for example radio-alarm clocks with mechanical alarm clocks, electric shavers with battery-powered shavers (or wet razors).

Geopathic Disturbance Zones As Sources Of Illness

Searching for Geopathic Situations in Rooms

Geopathic disturbance zones are anomalies in the layers of the earth near the surface. Shiftings, water veins, caverns and every kind of screen system are typical geopathic disturbance zones. Oscillation medicine offers a simple and at the same time efficient method for finding geopathic strains and is described as follows.

One main aim of oscillation medicine is to find forms of description (interferences) for regulative processes. Not only regulation processes but also effects from the outside can be described with interferences; for this reason, it seems sensible to describe the various geopathic disturbance zones with interferences also. The following table gives an account on the three most common geopathic burdens:

Crossings of the Global Grid Water Veins Geological Faults
Crossing with positive & negative polarization Strong negative polarization Strong negative polarization
+/- 7.00   - 7.00
+/- 22.00 - 22.00 ascending 
in steps of 0.25
- 14.00
+/- 22.50   - 22.00 ascending 
in steps of 0.25
+/- 33.00 - 24.70  
+/- 35.00 -62.50 ascending is steps of 0.25 - 24.70
+/- 51.00   - 62.00
+/- 54.00   - 63.00
+/- 62.00 - 80.00 ascending 
in steps of 0.25
- 69.00
+/- 66.00   - 77.00
+/- 81.50 - 90.00 - 79.00
+/- 83.00   - 80.00
+/- 89.00   - 81.00 ascending 
in steps of 0.25
+/- 93.50 100.00  
+/- 98.00   - 100.00
+/- 99.50    

Table 1: Disturbance zones and their interferences

If we analyse this list, several points attract our attention:

  1. A disturbance zone is not characterised by a single interference, several interferences come together to form a complete interference spectrum.
  2. The interferences affecting the environment by the disturbance zones have a strong negative polarisation if they come from water veins and earth breaks, in other words, their influence is very reducing and degenerative. The interferences of the global grid crossings alternate in their polarity, that is, they change between positive and negative polarity. The following schematic display of the global grid network illustrates this:  Schematic display of the global grid network
  3. Water veins and earth breaks show interference ranges, for example from 22.00 to 24.75; a large quantity of resonance points can be found within this range.
  4. All disturbance zones include the interference 22.5.
  5. You can determine specific interferences for a particular disturbance zone. Only the global grid has the interference 46.5, while water veins alone have the interference 64, and interference 14 is typical for earth breaks.

Now, if you want to test the geopathic strain of a certain place, for instance a sleeping place, with a bio-resonance device, you have to set the interference 22.5 first and then test with a Rayotest between detector and floor.

If the Rayotest starts to swing vertically (up and down) between the detector and the floor, a resonance has been detected; you have found a disturbance zone in this place. If you want to determine the type of disturbance zone, you set the bio-resonance device to 46.5, for example (global grid system), and test the same place again. If there is no resonance, you know at once that the disturbance does not come from a global grid. Then you can carry on by testing with the interference 64 (water veins) or with the interference 14 (earth breaks).

It is a good idea to start measuring the outlines of a bed place or a room with the interference 22.5, and then determine the disturbance type with the help of the disturbance zone specific interferences.

Correlation Between Geopathic and Cellular Strains

In Table 1: Disturbance zones and their interferences, all three disturbance zones show a number of resonance points in the range between 22.00 and 24.75. If you compare this range with the following Table 2: Regulation interferences of the human body, you can come to the conclusion that the cellular system of human beings is burdened by geopathic disturbance zones.

For the time being, only oscillation medicine can come to this conclusion. This demonstrates the possibilities of this method!

Regulation Interferences Of The Human Body (Cell Elements)

Interference 22.00: Cellula - Chromatin Cell - genetic information
Interference 22.25: Cellula - Caryotheca Cell - nuclear membrane
Interference 22.50: Cellula - Plasmolemm Cell membrane
Interference 22.75: Cellula - Reticulum endoplasmicum Cell - endoplasmatic reticulum
Interference 23.00: Cellula - Mitochondria Cell - mitochondria
Interference 23.25: Cellula - Nucleolus Cell - nucleolus
Interference 23.50: Cellula - Nucleus Cell nucleus
Interference 23.75: Cellula - Zentriolum Cell - central body
Interference 24.00: Cellula - Complexus golgiensis Cell - Golgi complex
Interference 24.25: Cellula - Ribosoma Cell - ribosome
Interference 24.50: Cellula - Lysosoma Cell - lysosome (nucleolus)
Interference 24.75: Cellula - Cytoplasma Cell cytoplasm

Table 2: Regulation interferences of the human body

Interference Suppression

Looking for interference suppression of electric pollution made clear, that you can find quite a number of ways for reducing strain on the organism. In relation to geopathic disturbance, we have a choice of the following varieties:

  1. Select a suitable, unpolluted sleeping place. This solution is the best of all, however  regretfully, seldom possible. Often you can set up a single bed disturbance-free. But it is impossible to set up a double bed in a completely disturbance-free zone; one part of the double bed is affected in any case, due to the grid density of the global network. However even if you manage an optimal set-up of your bed, there is still the open question concerning other parts of the house occupied by people for longer spells, like the kitchen or the armchair in front of the TV set. It is almost impossible to avoid geopathic strain by selecting disturbance-free spots. 
    You will confirm this experience after having sought out geopathic disturbance zones according to the instructions described before.
  2. Setting up a device, which is able to produce a biological field; this allows regulation of the organism, in spite of the existing disturbances. Instruments from the Duplex II family in small, medium and large and the Mini-Rayonex are devices for this purpose.

Paying Special Attention to Bedrooms

It is of fundamental importance to pay special attention to areas in the home, where people spend a lot of time. In the first place, these are the bedrooms; everyone spends an average of one third of his/her life (25 years) here. If there is a geopathic disturbance in the sleeping area, this is particularly critical, since we hardly move when we sleep, which means that we may be lying on top of a disturbance zone the entire time we sleep.

Duplex II in small,medium and large configurations


There are different instruments available for suppressing geopathic disturbance, which can be either stationary or portable.

The instruments for stationary application belong to a new product family, Duplex II - biological field configurers, available in three different sizes (small, medium and large). We have found by experience, that the small Duplex II is sufficient for suppressing disturbance in one room (approximately 3m x 4m), the medium sized Duplex II is required for a whole house (for example 9m x 12m), the largest size is applied for a house with its surroundings (about 20m x 30m).

Product Family Of The Duplex II Biological Field Configurers
Dimensions of the biological field configurers:
Duplex II small: base: 13.5cm x 13.5cm, height: 26cm
Duplex II medium: base: 19.0cm x 19.0cm, height: 34cm
Duplex II large: base: 27.0cm x 27.0cm, height: 49cm

Geopathic situation without Duplex

Text Box: Geopathic situation with Duplex


When setting up the instruments, please heed the following two rules:

Rule 1: Set up as low as possible in the house (a cellar or the basement are best).

Rule 2: The instrument needs to be connected to a well functioning grounding to enable discharging. You can order or borrow suitable measuring devices for checking the grounding. Every Duplex II is delivered with a grounding cable to connect the instrument to the grounding of an electric socket.

The picture on the left illustrates a geopathic disturbance found in the same spot on every floor, due to the vertical arrangement of the rooms. Examination of skyscrapers prove this effect. This makes the installation of the Duplex II so important in the lowest part of the house (right), especially since food, which can store negative information, is often kept in the cellar. In the floors above the Duplex II, geopathic disturbances can no longer be detected by the already mentioned measuring methods.

Please note that the available models are the Duplex III and the Duplex IV (stainless steel). The Duplex IV does not require earthing, and no maintenance is needed apart from the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. 

Duplex IV

Portable Biological Field Configurer

With the Mini-Rayonex, you have a small, portable and very handy device at your disposal. It is intended for reducing geopathic strain in the vicinity of about 2m. For this reason, you normally carry it near your body, in a pocket of your clothing. When you do so, take care to wear the inscription of the Mini-Rayonex away from your body.

New Mini-Rayonex

However, if you want to use the Mini-Rayonex in a hotel, for example, in order to reduce the geopathic situation, the inscription points upward. West and east are indicated on the device. When applied stationary, the instrument has a somewhat larger sphere of activity, approximately 3m, if it is adjusted correctly in the west-east direction.

Mini-Rayonex, size: length: 9.5 cm; width: 6cm; height: 2cm   

The instrument has no grounding like the Duplex; previously the Mini-Rayonex had to be held under flowing water frequently (about every two weeks) for about 30 seconds, however the new Mini-Rayonex (pictured) only requires an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. The Mini-Rayonex cannot replace the Duplex biological field configurer, but it is excellent for improving the geopathic situation in the direct surroundings of a person.

You Can Prove the Effects of the Interference Suppression Methods.
We have described the method for finding geopathic burdens with the aid of biological resonance previously; now you have one decisive advantage—you can prove the effects of interference suppression with the same measuring method. After having performed interference suppression successfully, you should no longer be able to detect any resonance in the places where the device had discovered the geopathic disturbance earlier on. The measuring method introduced here is suitable for finding out any kind of geopathic disturbance. Suppressing interference in this way is not only the safest method, it can also be checked most precisely.

Of course you can check on the effects of the biological field configurer with other methods, like the VEGATEST (EAV) according to Dr. Voll. This diagnostic method tests, beside others, the regulatory ability of single organs. The results of your measurements will lie between 0 and 100; the best possible value is 50. One further important indicator of this measuring method is the so-called dropping of the pointer. In other words, the measured value drops, for example from 72 to 55, during the measuring process.

A married couple, both 40 years old, were checked on their pancreas 4 point by a practitioner, using EAV. On January the 18th, the first measurement had the following results:
Woman:   value: 68 with a heavy drop of the pointer    
Man:         value: 70 with a heavy drop of the pointer
After this, a large Duplex was set up in the cellar of their house. The second measurement took place on the 27th of February (approximately 5 weeks later), with the following results:
Woman:   value: 54, no drop of the pointer        
Man:         value: 54, no drop of the pointer
A further measurement after three months showed a stabilisation of the values achieved during the second measurement. It is striking, how the various diagnostic methods will lead to the same results, as this example shows.

Naturally however, the best proof for the effectiveness of the Duplex biological field configurer lies in numerous reports of positive experiences. By 2012, more than 20,000 Duplex devices reduce the geopathic strain all over the world. Observations in schools proved that by setting up biological field configurers the pupils’ willingness to learn was increased, while their aggressiveness among themselves was minimised. A professional cyclist from Belgium, under observation of a medical practitioner, returned to his best form by setting up a Duplex. The press reported on this case. The users in Germany report most frequently that their sleep is much deeper and that they wake up in the mornings feeling more refreshed than before having set up the Duplex biological field configurer.

The broadbandedness of geopathic interference spectra (see Table 1: Disturbance zones and their interferences) is the reason for the multiple different influences interfering with human health. The experience reports, just as numerous, confirm this impressively.

Example Of A Geological Disturbance Zone 

A procedure using the Rayocomp PS10 allows you to find a variety of geological disturbance zones in a simple and definite manner. With this method, a geological disturbance zone, a shifting in this case, was discovered during a house investigation.

Earth Breaks

A shifting is a tear or breakage in the soil lying close to the surface. When the rock layers are shifted, this causes resonances which can be detected by the biological resonance device on Interference 14.


Illustration of shiftings by Dr. Manfred B. Hartmann

Also, you can frequently detect stronger radio activities above these shiftings, which are caused, for example, by Radon emanations.

The following illustration shows the schematic display of the investigated grounds.

Geopathic disturbance linesThe lower left part of the house is a bedroom, in which the shiftings have been discovered. The next step was to find out the course of the shiftings outside the house with the help of the biological resonance device.

You can see the outlines of the house, the wall facing the street and the kerb, which encloses the surface for walking on. The left upper part shows the wall facing the garden, and also the tree which is growing there.





Figure 1: Location plan of the shiftings

The following five illustrations will show you the effects shiftings can have. Fig. 3.1 shows the wall facing the street. You can clearly see the break in the wall above the detected shifting (see arrow). 

Break in Kerb stone above shiftingBreak in the wall due to earth shiftings

Figure 1.1: Break in the wall 




 Figure 1.2 shows the kerb with a break exactly above the shifting. You can clearly see the metre-section of the kerb. In spite of this given breakage point, the stone also cracked in the middle.


   Figure 1.2: Break in the kerb

Break in internal wall above the shifting




Figure 1.3 shows the wall of the house. At the time the photo was taken, the house was being converted; on the left, next to the ribbed belt for stabilising the roof truss, a long vertical tear can be seen (see arrow). The shifting was detected exactly below the tear.


Figure 1.3: Break in the house wall

Crack in garden wall



Figure 1.4 on the right shows the garden wall, which is also broken above the shifting.


Figure 1.4: Break in the garden wall

Tree bark before placing Duplex




The plum tree shown in Figure 1.5, which had been planted on top of the shifting several years ago, shows growth problems, the bark is torn open, for years it has been troubled by so-called water shoots, which easily occur above shiftings, and has never borne fruit.


Figure 1.5: Growth problems of a plum tree growing above shiftings


At the beginning of the year 2000, the new Duplex II was set up; from that time on, the tree has visibly recovered, and for the first time, plums could be harvested.

If you transfer the situation of the tree—which is firmly rooted to the ground and cannot escape from the geological disturbance zone—to the human being, you will understand why a disturbance-free sleeping place is of such great importance. In our bedrooms we lie for quite a while, about 6 hours each night, without moving a lot and are exposed to the effects of geological or electro-magnetic disturbance sources over this long period. Of course, we are in the same situation at work.

Already now, practice is proving with overwhelming clarity that the acknowledgement of geopathic and electromagnetic disturbance zones can no longer be ignored from the point of view of holistic diagnosis and therapy.

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