Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloidal Silver Generator

4-6 week lead time due to high demand 

 Silver electrodes ‘plug’ into machine (no leads), 4 electrodes included, mains operated, constant current technology, one year guarantee.


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PLEASE NOTE: Due to high product demand there is a 4-6 week lead time. 


Health Leads UK Mains Colloidal Silver Generator

Health Leads Colloidal Silver Generator is quick and easy to use, and comes with four 99.99% pure silver rods, mains power pack (UK only), full instructions, constant current technology and a one year guarantee.


The History and Use of Silver

Silver has been used in medicine for many centuries. Hippocrates, the famous ancient physician and teacher of medicine, wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. Silver has been used in plasters and wound dressings to help with external infections and is used as a disinfectant and antiseptic for medical devices. The Phoenicians were reported to have used silver bottles to store their water, vinegar and wine to stop these spoiling. More recently, around the 1900s, a silver sixpence was placed in bottles of milk to extend the freshness. Dissolved silver was added to Russian water supplies for their Mir Orbital Station to act as a disinfectant. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) have introduced silver electrodes and colloidal silver in water filters to provide safe drinking water in developing countries.


We extensively researched the production of CS using various waters. As a result, we now recommend using only distilled or purified de-ionised water.


What can it be used for?

Use is indicated for: ear infections, colds, sore throat, ulcers, burns, infections, arthritis, haemorrhoids, herpes, acne, blepharitis, dermatitis, dandruff, Eustachian tubes, impetigo, pruritis, seborrhea, sepsis, staphylococcus infections, eczema, psoriasis and skin rashes, ringworm, shingles, pet fur infections, trench foot, warts and genital warts.


Spray on garbage to prevent decay odours, on dish cloths, cutting boards. Spray in shoes, between toes, add to bath water, douche, colon irrigation, drop onto bandages and plasters to hasten healing time, soak dentures, spray refrigerator, freezer, food storage containers. Stops mildew, mould, wood rot, fungi. Use to spray pets bedding, use in cleaning and mopping solutions. Spray onto the top of open jam jars etc., spray food lids before closing. Spray air ducts, use in the final washing rinse, in dishwashers. Spray around plant roots to stop rot, spray foliage, inside gloves and under fingernails, rinse fruit and vegetables, use in shampoos and rinsing water, spray pets, carpets, wipe telephone mouthpieces, headphones, hearing aids, spray mattresses and allow to dry to kill dust mites. Clean combs and glasses with it. Excellent for nappy rash and to spray inside nappies.


Sterilise anything from tooth brushes to surgical instruments and use to clean toilet seats and use on floors. 



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