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  • Magnesium Stearate

    There is much debate over how safe and how effective magnesium stearate is. We have decided not to add this flow enhancer to our capsules as we believe it to be detrimental to the supplement.

  • 100% Additive Free

    Health Leads Capsules contain no bulking agents, fillers or harmful additives. In a few of our products we add an organic rice flour as an aid to encapsulation or if the active ingredient is so small the capsule would appear empty without it.

  • The Highest Quality

    Quality and purity are paramount. That is why we manufacture our own supplements so that we can have complete control. We also go to great lengths to ensure that we use the best available ingredients.

Health Leads is dedicated to sourcing the best available ingredients so that you can benefit from our high quality supplements that provide optimal absorption and bio-availability.

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