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COVID 19 CHANGES: HealthLeads are working very hard to keep orders flowing and delivered speedily. Some base products have increased in their cost to us and we have had to pass this on but for the most part we are keeping our prices as close to normal as possible. We are certainly not increasing prices due to extra demand and want to reassure customers there will be no capitalising on customers needs during this time. We have also dropped the price on our Vitamin C Powder. Please stay safe and look after each other. The HealthLeads Team

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  • Pioneering Additive Free Supplements Since 1998

    At Health Leads we have been fervent in our quest for additive free supplements since our inception. Certain products contain only micrograms of active ingredient and thus require a filler for practical reasons. In such cases we use a number of nutritious vegetable powders. You can be confident that our encapsulated food supplements are free of all avoidable additives.

  • High Quality you can trust

    Quality and purity are paramount. That is why we manufacture our own supplements so that we can have complete control. It is actually not possible to achieve 100% purity as an assay test of any product can confirm but why deliberately add questionable excipients when unnecessary? We go further, strictly avoiding solvents in the cleaning of our machines, only using organic soap hence avoiding possible benzene or isopropyl alcohol contamination.

Health Leads is dedicated to sourcing the best available ingredients so that you can benefit from our high quality supplements that provide optimal absorption and bio-availability.

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