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Epsom Salts Food Grade 400g

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What is Epsom salts?

Epsom salts is magnesium sulphate (Magnesium sulfate). It originally got this common name Epsom Salts from the town of Epsom in the county of Surrey, England.


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What grade is our Epsom salts?

Health Leads Epsom salts is high quality food grade FCC (Food Chemical Codex)


What can Epsom salts be used for?

Health Leads Epsom salts can be used as a food supplement or for external use as a bath salt. It is widely reported to be great for your garden plants. When used as a bath salt it is believed to be helpful in relieving aches and pains related to joints and muscles. Also Epsom salts is used in the Dr Hulda Clark liver flush/liver cleanse. And the FDA have approved Epsom salts as a laxative. Please seek medical advice before using internally.


Why not try one of these!

A relaxing bath: add two cups of Epsom salts to your warm bath water.

Foot soak: Add ½ cup of bath salts to a large pan of warm water, soak your feet for as long as needed. Soothes aches.


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