Wellness Carafe Replacement Cartridge X 3

Wellness Carafe Replacement Cartridge X 3
Wellness Carafe filters - replacement cartridge (pack of 3).

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The Wellness replacement pack contains three new filter cartridges that you can use with your Wellness carafe.

How long does each filter last?

Each cartridge filters approximately 40 gallons (about 150 litres) of water - lasting 2 to 3 months with normal regular use.

Can the Wellness carafe replacement filter work with water jugs?

Yes! For those of you that already own a classic BRITA jug, the Wellness carafe cartridge fits perfectly, saving you the cost of a Wellness carafe.

What is the cartridge filter media media filter made of?

Taichoseki is a proprietary media used in all Wellness filters. On December 15, 1990, the Kitazato Medical School of Public Health in Tokyo, having found that it greatly inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria, approved Taichoseki mineral stone as a "natural disinfectant". The Medical School's studies found that water treated by Taichoseki mineral stone slows down and even stops the growth of fungus and bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, aspergillus niger, myrothecium verrucaria, trichophyton interdigitale, and candida albicans. This mineral also removes iron, cadmium, and many harmful substances in tap water.

Bakuhanseki is a proprietary media used in all Wellness filters. On October 15, 1995, the Japanese Government's Ministry of Health, Drug Approval Division, gave their approval of the bakuhanseki stone as an approved medicine. The stone is approved for medical purposes in powdered form (oral or skin application), dissolved in water, and for use in water filters for bathing and drinking. The Ministry of Health uses Wellness filter water in their hospitals and in many of their approved health bathing spas. (Note: Because the Bakuhanseki mineral stone is designated as a medicine, treatments in health spas are covered by Japanese Government medical plans.) The Bakuhan mineral adjusts the water to a stable alkaline pH, increases dissolved oxygen, removes harmful substances and enhances the taste of the water. It will also remove lead, mercury, and chromium from tap water. It imparts trace Angstrom size minerals (silica, potassium, and magnesium).

SPG Sand - Obtained from volcanic rocks, the surface area of this material is 6.16m2 per gram and provides 0.5-micron level filtration. It produces high efficiency filtration, removes parasites and adsorbs trace heavy metals, yielding very pure water.

Granulated Activated Carbon - Made from highest quality coconut shell carbon. Removes chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organics, volatiles, MTBE, tastes and odours.

Magnet & Magnetite Stone - High flux density (greater than 4,500 gauss) magnetic stone and magnets create magnetic field in filter for magnetic resonance activation of the water. Lowers surface tension, increases solubility and increases absorption.

Far-Infrared Ceramic - Proprietary ceramic media made from far-infrared emitting stone at 2,200°F. Produces hydroxyl ions and hydrogen ions, which neutralize free radicals. Believed to aid the body in fighting immune disorders, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.



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