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Welcome to your Rewards

We don't think that only new customers should get the best offers. That's why at Health Leads UK we introduced a reward program where you earn loyalty points that will save money on future purchases at

You can earn loyalty points by referring friends, sharing on social media, plus you can easily keep a track of points earned and spent in your account. It couldn't be easier and the more you spend, the more you save! Start earning loyalty points by registering today. 

Frequently asked questions:

How does your loyalty program work?
For every £1 spent earns 1 loyalty point. When you have reached 50 loyalty points you can start using them against purchases.

How much are loyalty points worth?
20 loyalty points equals £1 discount at the checkout

How can I join the loyalty program?
Joining our loyalty program is simple. Just register an account and you are automatically enrolled.

Can I earn loyalty points as a guest?
No. Without registering we cannot track your orders and apply points. You must register and sign in to earn loyalty points.

How do I earn points?
There are many ways to earn points. You earn points on purchases, referring friends, and sharing on social media. We are always thinking of ways of saying thank you, so watch this space on more ways to earn points.

Do my loyalty points expire?
Loyalty points last for 365 days.

Once you're registered you can earn, build up and track loyalty points which can be used at the checkout and used towards payment of your next order. Loyalty points are an added bonus to your shopping experience and nice way we can thank you for being a loyal customer.

Please remember to register and sign in when ordering so you don't miss out on loyalty points!

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