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COVID 19 CHANGES: HealthLeads are working very hard to keep orders flowing and delivered speedily. Some base products have increased in their cost to us and we have had to pass this on but for the most part we are keeping our prices as close to normal as possible. We are certainly not increasing prices due to extra demand and want to reassure customers there will be no capitalising on customers needs during this time. We have also dropped the price on our Vitamin C Powder. Please stay safe and look after each other. The HealthLeads Team


This website provides information on supplements, alternative health care issues, research, and products. The legal status of many alternative products and the research behind them is precarious because of regulations. Our aim is to provide reasonably accurate information and reliable affordable products. This website is intended for personal research. If you choose to read our information, and possibly buy a product, it must be understood that you are doing so with the full knowledge that we are not licensed medical doctors and the products we sell and the information we provide is not intended to treat disease, support or sustain human life in place of a good diet, or to make a diagnosis. All information offered is for self-education and personal research purposes only.

We strongly advise professional monitoring of healthcare matters and in many cases full consent of your doctor. We stress your personal responsibility for choices made, and feel it essential that you are well informed on complementary medicine, researching thoroughly all that alternative and orthodox therapies have to offer and, of course, the contraindications of any medication you may be taking.

EU and UK Laws are ever tightening on supplement suppliers. With this in mind, please note the following:  It is our policy not to discuss any health related issues with our customers.

PLEASE understand that cannot answer any medical questions. We ask that you kindly NOT ask us medical questions or for medical advice. We are not qualified to answer questions about the conditions food supplements may be useful for. We will be held blameless in your personal usage of information disseminated by any representative of as this is strictly against our official stand.

For information on a health issue, search information in relevant books or websites but please be aware of the depth of experience of the advisor. Alternatively you may wish to contact a professional health care practitioner (Doctor/Therapist). In time, we intend to have lists of associations that set standards for their members on our website; meanwhile Internet searches will list these. Thank you.

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