Have you ever recommended Health Leads to your friends, family or colleagues? We know many do and we see an increase in sales as a result.

If you have a website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail address or other social media where you can promote Health Leads then you can earn commission simply by recommending our product range to your customers, friends and relatives.

An affiliate program is where an affiliate (person or organisation) promotes another organisation via their e-mail, website, blog, social media page (like Facebook) or other web presence. The affiliate is rewarded by the payment of a commission on sales generated by their promotion.

So for example you send an email, recommending a product that you have found useful, to everyone you think would be interested. The email contains your affiliate link to our website. Then if some of your friends buy the product we pay you a percentage of the sales.

Or in another example, you place a Health Leads image or text link on your Facebook page or website. People read your post, click on the link and visit our site. If they then buy a product, we pay you a percentage of the sales.


More details are coming soon!

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