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Our Story

I had always been interested in alternative medicine. I subscribed to Prevention Magazine, read Adele Davis, Jan deVries, Dr Vogel and others. My dear father suffered from Hodgkin’s disease and even more so from the effects of the heavy radiation used in the early 1950’s. I wrote to most of his doctors at the hospital treating him and one letter I have by way of reply spoke of Dad’s kidney failure and need for dialysis plus severe anaemia; it says in part; “The medical position is that the kidney failure which was originally caused by the irradiation necessary for his ‘cancer’ many years ago has caused scarring of his kidneys. These have been gradually failing... we think that the irradiation in the past also damaged his bone marrow which produces red blood cells.”

Seeing my father suffer from long term effects of such treatment made me very aware of the need to avoid such treatment if at all possible. Therefore, when I too became ill and my husband John was hospitalised for back injury I decided to stop just reading the information and to begin applying it.

One of the books that opened my eyes to the dangers of contaminated supplements was a book by Dr Hulda Clark in which she spoke of  benzene being in supplements and isopropyl too. A particularly shocking thing to me personally was that supplement making machines were cleaned down with isopropyl and so the first batch after the cleaning carried  levels of this solvent. Dr. Clark listed the accompanying health maladies this could bring along with those of other contaminants too.

Soon after, we began small-scale manufacture of our own supplements.

I had an interesting conversation with one of John’s doctors – a lovely man – concerning my husband’s serious back problem (3 weeks in traction and on morphine in hospital); he told me that they were going to inject a substance to dissolve the inflammation around the problem area off the spine... it was papain. I asked is this papaya – yes he replied. I asked could eating it help “oh no!” he said, “only injecting it”. But I knew that the body is a very cleaver organism and takes nutrients to where they are needed... at least it was worth a try. I gave John raw papaya, later in supplement form too and  he progressed rapidly even by the hospitals estimation.

Many were feeling as we did, John was taking much more interest once his back was healed and he could accomplish heavy work something the doctors said would not happen without severe damage following. Health Leads grew from there. We were fortunate to attract others to work on our team who were like minded; today we export to over 60 countries.  

We both still have a very active interest in nutrition and its effects and although almost retired (we are 65 and 67) I will never want to stop reading and learning. I am fitter than I was at 35, John is fitter than before his hospital stay 22 years ago. We are both pleased to be able to share our knowledge in running Health Leads to the very best level we can achieve and are walking testimony to consuming our own supplements.

BTW - Injury aside, neither of us has been to a doctor for 18 years and 15 years respectively and take no orthodox medication at all. 

How much money have we saved the NHS!

Christine Doyle

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