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Ozone Generator 400mg/Hour

Ozone Generator 400mg/Hour

Ozone generator (400mg per hour). Kills bacteria, removes odours, purifies air and water.

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Ozonate Water, Air OR Oil


Ozone is one of the world's most powerful sterilizing agents.

Ozone kills: Bacteria, viruses, moulds, mildew and spores.

Ozone destroys: Chemical contaminants such as aldehydes which can be emitted from panelling, carpets, insulation, paints, stains, and plastics.

Ozone eliminates odours: Cigarettes, cigars, pets, nappies, mildews, musty/stale smells, airborne moulds, food, locker rooms, shoes, boots and more!

Domestic Applications*:

• Air Treatment—Kill bacteria and remove pollen
• Basement—Remove mould and odour
• Bedding—Sanitize bedding
• Car and Caravan—Remove odour 100% and create fresh smell
• Dentures & Toothbrushes—Disinfect apparatus
• Fish Tanks—Make crystal clear water in large or small fish tanks
• Gargle—For gum health and to prevent bad breath
• Home—Air and water treatment
• Hydroponics
• Kill Bacteria—in water and air
• Kitchen Sterilization—Remove food odours such as onion (no more burning eyes), spices and burnt oil odour
• Mould—Kill and remove mould odour
• Olive Oil—Add ozone to olive oil (natural oil) for lotion, medical and dental application
• Remove second-hand smoke odours
• Toilets—Refresh the air and remove odours instantly
• Pet odour removal
• Smoke Removal—Remove smoke and smoke odour right away
• Washing Feet with Ozonated Water—Kill bacteria, fungus and help to heal wounds
• Washing Fruit & Vegetables—Kill bacteria

. . . and many more applications.

Parts Include:

• Ozone generator with UK fitted plug.
•  Two sets of clear tubes
•  Fine stone (white) diffuser for small bubble
•  Coarse stone (grey) diffuser for larger bubble
•  Operator's manual
•  Secure packaging

Specifications (Model no. GL-3188A)
Input Voltage AC100-130V 60Hz;AC220V 50Hz
Ozone output density 400mg/h
Dimensions 234 x 196 x 66mm
Net weight 0.64kg
Timer Settings 1~60min


1. Plug generator into a 240volt socket.
2. Attach open end of ozone supply tubing to ozone vent on the bottom side of the generator. Extend tubing so that the diffuser stone and unit are as far apart as possible.
3. Operation times will vary according to the size of the room and the amount of odour present. Use the knob to set the time between 1-60 minutes.

Treatment of Food & Cooking Utensils

Since ozone kills bacteria and viruses, it can aid in the destruction of bacteria found on raw foods and cooking utensils. For example, soaking uncooked chicken parts in ozone treated water will help retard the growth of salmonella. For best results, follow the same procedure described below for produce. For utensils, rinse off food debris and treat in clean water with ozone for fifteen minutes.

Treatment of Fruit & Vegetables

The shelf life of fruit and vegetables can be extended by ozone treatment. Not only will they keep a more attractive appearance, but they will also taste fresher! To help keep your produce fresh, fill your sink with water and place the portable purifier’s dispersion stone in the sink. Place the vegetables and/or fruit to be treated in the water and operate the ozonator for 10 minutes (average sized sink).

Portable Water Treatment

It is easy to purify water in emergency storage, spas, bathtubs, fountains, and wading pools. Ozone can also be used to purify drinking water from wells or city water supplies, removing undesirable tastes, odours and colours caused by iron, copper, manganese, chlorine and organics. Do not use water from a source that is questionable such as stagnant pool water or the like. To treat water, place the dispersion stone into the water container and leave the unit on the approximate amount of time shown in the table below. When completed, turn off the device and allow a few moments for excess ozone to dissipate from the water. Higher output ozone generators are required for wells and holding tanks. When used in conjunction with a particulate filter, ozone will remove excess minerals including iron, manganese, and lead, as well as radon and sulphur gases. Place the stone in the water not more than 6 to 8 inches. This unit’s air compressor will not handle pressure of more than 8 inches of water, but 6 inches is best.

1 gallon tap water 2 minutes
5 gallons tap water 10 minutes

Note: If the water quality is lower than tap water then it needs about 10 minutes per gallon or 20 minutes per 5 gallons.

Spa & Pool Treatment

The Ozone Generator can be used on spas, hot tubs, and wading pools to 1,000 gallons, allowing you to reduce your chemical usage by 90% to 100%. You will never need to put up with dry skin, red eyes, faded suits, or green hair again! Ozone is pH neutral, so it will not adversely affect the acid/alkaline balance of your water. It is more cost effective than traditional chemicals and leaves no undesirable smell or taste. Continuous operation is proven to be the most economical treatment method for spa water, fountains and larger bodies of water to 1,000 gallons.

The unit must be sheltered from direct exposure to the elements (rain and water). Place at least five feet (1.5m) from the spa or water enclosure and at twelve inches (300mm) above the maximum water level. Ensure that the location is out of the reach of children or anyone in the water.

Connect the ozone supply tubing to the outlet vent on the left side of the purifier. If the ozone supply tubing is too long, trim it with household scissors or a razor knife. If the tubing is too short, additional ozone supply tubing is available.

Place the dispersion stone into the body of water near the bottom center for maximum ozone saturation in the water.

Air Treatment Uses

The unit can be used to destroy airborne odours caused by such things as wet carpet, basement mould, mildew, and fire damage. Simply use the timer settings on the generator to select the duration of ozone treatment. Avoid placing the dispersion stone at the end of the ozone supply tubing too close to metal or rubber objects as high levels of ozone will oxidize these objects.

Disinfect Tooth Brush, Dentures, etc.

A simple way to promote gum health and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisms is to soak your toothbrush in ozonated water for at least 3 minutes before or after use. That's all it takes to get rid of the "bad guys" found on most toothbrushes; many of which will not simply go away with hot water. As a matter of fact, ozonated water can be used to disinfect utensils, contact lens cases, or anything that needs to be 100% bacteria and microorganism free.

Gargle for Gum Health & to Prevent Bad Breath

Gargling with ozonated water every day is a great way of promoting good health. Brushing your teeth and then gargling with ozonated water is a simple yet powerful way of promoting good health. As a side benefit, say goodbye to bad breath and say hello to clean fresh breath! Gargling with ozonated water kills the microorganisms that lead to bad breath.

Remove Second Hand Smoke and Odours

Smokers need ozone! Second hand smoke penetrates all surfaces and ruins them. Ozone oxidizes those harmful substances found in second hand smoke; even surfaces damaged by cigarette or cigar smoke. Ozone will remove the second hand smoke odours from clothing (actually oxidize them) which in turn can save you money on dry cleaning. Simply make an Ozone Box, place the smokey garments inside, and saturate them with ozone for 1 hour. Presto! Clean, fresh smelling clothing.

Ozonating Olive or Natural Oil:

When ozone is bubbled into olive oil or sunflower oil for long periods of time, the oil eventually thickens, holding the ozone within. When kept refrigerated, this gel will hold the ozone for years. To achieve the minimum concentrations required for effective ozonated oil, you will need to accumulate at least 24 hours of ozonation. However, since the ozone generator runs for only 20 minutes every hour (an important safety precaution!), you will need to add ozone for a longer time. The good news is that once you've ozonated oil, it lasts in the refrigerator for a very long time. Affix one of the clear plastic tubes to the end of the ozone outlet (in the front of the ozone generator) and select the white stone diffuser. The timer is an important safety device on the ozone machine. If the unit runs continuously, it will damage some parts that are not covered by warranty. You need to rest the ozonator the same amount of time as running time. If you need to add ozone to large a volume of oil (200ml or more) you really need a commercial or industrial size ozone generator.

WARNING: Long term inhalation of high concentrations of ozone gas in air can cause nasal and/or lung irritation. When using this unit for air treatment purposes, it is recommended that it be operated in unoccupied spaces whenever possible.


Ozone, sometimes called active oxygen, is comprised of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone is a natural purifier and one of nature's basic elements. Ozone is produced in nature when the ultraviolet rays of the sun strike oxygen molecules. When this occurs high in the atmosphere it creates what we know as the "ozone layer". Because the oxygen molecules absorb the sun's energy, living things on earth are protected from the damaging and potentially cancer-causing rays of the sun. Nature also produces ozone near the earth's surface, especially during a thunderstorm, when lightning flashes. The sweet, fresh smell after a thunderstorm is ozone. Ozone will destroy viruses, bacteria, and virtually all other forms of microbes, as well as breaking down chemical contaminants. It does this in both air and water and does it without the use of chemicals or additives of any kind!

Ozone's use as a water purifier was discovered in the late 1800's in the Netherlands. Its first large-scale use was in Nice, France where it was used to purify drinking water. Today, more than thirty countries use ozone systems to purify drinking water. In fact, Los Angeles has one of the largest ozone water treatment plants in the world, processing more than 580 million gallons of city drinking water per day. This system was chosen over a chlorine system due to ozone's extraordinary ability to effectively purify water without negative side effects. In addition, most of the world's bottled water plants use ozone as part of their water purification process.

Ozone is also gaining tremendous popularity as an air purifier throughout the world. Our homes and offices can be a source of environmental pollution. The EPA estimates that indoor pollution causes tens of thousands of illnesses each year, and many more from contaminated water. Ozone is the most effective way to purify your air and water.

Ozone is clearly superior to virtually all other forms of purification.

When you use an ozonator you won't have to purchase or store any chemical or purification materials or change any filters. Everything you need is generated within the small, lightweight, and portable unit. All this for just pennies a day.

Note: Ground-level ozone may cause increased respiratory problems in people with asthma and in higher concentrations may actually cause injuries. EPA and OSHA have set standards for ozone levels in residential buildings and also for prolonged ozone exposure in commercial areas. While ozone can be extremely useful and, in many ways, beneficial, it can also be harmful when exceeding certain levels. Use all ozone-generating equipment with proper care and caution. Manufacturers and sellers of this product take no responsibility for damages and harm caused to the buyer or anyone else. While we make every attempt to provide valid and meaningful information, we cannot guarantee its complete correctness and applicability to each and every scenario. Regulations prohibit advertising the use of this device for medicinal purposes or consumption of products enriched with ozone by use of this device. If you choose to use this device in such a manner, you do so at your own risk. Please use caution and have a safe and enjoyable ozone experience.


*Please note that this is a domestic device and not covered under warranty when used in a commercial environment.


This unit has NO black tubing.

Ozonation is an organic and reliable method to sanitize and clean air and water (liquids). The device may be installed on a wall, placed on a table, floor or kitchen countertop. There are four soft pads at the back.

This unit also works with olive oil (all natural oil) ozonation.




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