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Pioneering Additive Free Supplements Since 1998

At Health Leads we have been fervent in our quest for additive free supplements since our inception.

A considerable number of supplements are produced with additives which add nothing beneficial but may increase shelf life along with ease and speed of production and much time saved cleaning machines after production.

Irrespective of these benefits to manufacturers, we, along with an ever increasing number of knowledgeable consumers, believe firmly that it’s best to avoid additives that provide no nutritional benefit and at times may even raise controversial questions as to their negative effects. Therefore, our encapsulated food supplements are free of all avoidable additives.

Manufacturing this way is definitely not the easy route to take, the processing is slower and often a clean-down of machinery partway through a production run is required. We pack each capsule with nutrition so there is little need for fillers or bulking agents. Of course, this is not possible with microgramme products so in these cases we use a number of appropriate minerals and botanicals. All ingredients are thoroughly researched so you can be sure that Health Leads is the smart choice.

High Quality you can trust

 It is actually not possible to achieve 100% purity as an assay test of any product can confirm but why deliberately add questionable excipients when unnecessary? We go further, strictly avoiding solvents in the cleaning of our machines, only using organic soap hence avoiding benzene and isopropyl alcohol contamination in the batch following machine cleaning. We are not aware of any other companies doing this in the UK.

Capsules only; no Tablets

Tablets are the cheapest way to make supplements but necessarily contain a wide range of additives. So we do not produce tablets.

Potent and Fresh Ingredients

Our entire production process from unpacking raw materials to manufacturing and bottling supplements is carried out in our purpose built production rooms. Producing small batches every 6 to 12 months of fresh and potent supplements. Where appropriate we always prefer high strength packing each capsule with wholesome nutritional ingredients.

We are ISO 9001: 2015 accredited and work to HACCP & GMP standards in our purpose built production rooms.

Health Leads continues to gain recognition for quality and service as witnessed by grateful customers around the world.

Health Leads the Smart Choice.

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