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COVID 19 CHANGES: HealthLeads are working very hard to keep orders flowing and delivered speedily. Some base products have increased in their cost to us and we have had to pass this on but for the most part we are keeping our prices as close to normal as possible. We are certainly not increasing prices due to extra demand and want to reassure customers there will be no capitalising on customers needs during this time. We have also dropped the price on our Vitamin C Powder. Please stay safe and look after each other. The HealthLeads Team


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Vitamin E 

Electro-Magnetic Radiation

Amalgam Fillings


Food Additives


Vitamins Fight Disease

Germans Avoid WiFi

Hazards of Vitamins

Artificial Light

Ills Tied to Bad Food

Damage Caused by Electro-smog


Mobile Phones Cause Tumours

Perfumes and Scented Creams

Expensive Urine

The Great Food Gamble

The Science is Conclusive

Who's Confused About Alternative Medicine?

Science With Plants

The Asphalia Story

Power Lines

Sick Buildings and Healthy Homes


Self-Medicating Livestock


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